• Crankbaits
    June 15, 2016 Fishing Tips
    Crankbaits are hard baits that look like baitfish. Crankbaits work well in the summer. They have all different characteristics. Some run deep and some are shallow.   You can cast them or tro... Read More
  • True Colors
    Catch more fish by choosing the right colored fishing line There are many ways to tip the odds in your favor when you’re angling for the next big catch. One of the easiest, least expens... Read More
  • Video Tips
    March 26, 2016 Fishing Tips
    Dan Hernandez shows how to add soft baits to bucktails. Tips on picking the right size crankbait. Palomar knot and Double improved clinch knot are great for flipping and pitching.  Storm Wig... Read More
Rapala Coastal Lures

Rapala Coastal Lures , new for Saltwater Fisherman

Rapala Coastal Luresl category includes inshore, near-shore and offshore tackle.
shadow rap shad

Shadow Rap® Shads Drive Dock Bass Batty

Seems sometimes dock bass have seen all that falls, making them finicky feeders. But Seth Feider says they ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Show ‘em a Shadow Rap® Shad, he says, and watch out! “There

Rapala Fishing Lures for more fishability

Updated information on Rapala fishing lures. New models are featured.

New St. Croix Rod Series for Offshore Butterfly Jigging

St. Croix’s new saltwater-strong Mojo Jig conducts the flight of the butterfly