Big Bass Lessons From An Offshore Whiz

Western Bass Pro Brent Ehrler ‘Messes With Texas’ — Wins Toyota Texas Big Bass Championship

EUFAULA, AL (May 29, 2015) – Redlands, California-based Humminbird pro Brent Ehrler thrives on fishing deep – beautifully demonstrated on the proving grounds of the recent Toyota Texas Big Bass Challenge on Texas’ famed Lake Fork.

The win typifies how offshore know-how – Ehrler’s dangerous blend of intuition, fishing electronics know-how and full fathom five experience – can manifest big weights and payout. Not only did Ehrler win the tournament, he captured the Tundra Big Bass of the tournament, a 10-11 stud, earning him a $35,000 Toyota Tundra, in addition to first place winnings.

Mepps Trolling RIg/Crawler Harness

Walleye anglers understand the efficiency of trolling, allowing you to cover a lot of water and keep in contact with active fish. Not only is trolling one of the most productive methods for catching walleye, it’s known for producing BIG fish. But, it’s also known for rigs tied from monofilament which tangle, twist, wear out quickly and break, costing valuable fishing time, or worse, the fish of a lifetime.

The Mepps® Trolling Rig and Mepps® Crawler Harness are unlike anything on the market. These lures, like every other Mepps® lure, are built tough, from the highest quality components, and can last for decades.


Rippin Lips team continues turning heads and jerking whiskers on monstrous catfish.

Chambersburg, PA (April 8, 2015) – “Go big or stay home” is a trendy little axiom heard predominately in sporting circles. Big plays. Big hits. Big goals. In competitive catfishing, it means bringing ‘shoulder-dislocating’ sized catfish to the scales. And so far in 2015, it’s been Rippin Lips’ starting lineup that’s played the biggest. Spiritual leader of Rippin Lips’ Pro Staff, John Jamison continues setting the bar with big tournament feats. Photo by Bill Lindner