hUk hoodie

New Hoodies from Huk


Huk Performance Fishing reminds anglers that fall fishing can be hot, even when the weather is turning colder. To combat the cooler weather forecasts, Huk has built a line of hoodies designed specifically for those chilly days on the water.

Fishouflage Performance Hoodies

Fishouflage Performance Hoodies

Your average hooded sweatshirt no longer appeals to us outdoor’s men and women. Second-rate surplus cotton, sleeves two-inches too-short, stretched-out on-the-first-wear waistbands and overly constricting cuffs just don't make the grade.   

Penn plier

Penn Fishing Tools


- PENN® knows anglers need more than typical fishing tackle. If the boat is outfitted with the six pairs of new PENN pliers, there will never be a need for MacGyver-style improvisation. There is a spring-loaded PENN Plier designed for a wide range of applications.


Angler’s Double Leverage Side Cutter

Designed to deliver 60 percent more power, Rapala’s 8-inch Angler’s Double Leverage Side Cutter can cut large hooks, line and leaders with ea
Rapala salt filet knife

Rapala® Salt Angler’s Curved Fillet Knife

Made for filleting and steaking big game fish and featuring a no-flex razor sharp blade and ergonomic co-molded handle, the Angler’s Curved Fillet Knife is the first choice of seasoned captains. It comes in two sizes, 10-inch and 12-inch..

Rapala® Salt Angler’s Straight Fillet Knife

Featuring a sturdy razor-sharp blade, the Angler’s Straight Fillet is perfect for precision cuts in tight areas, with fine detail. It’s available in two sizes, 6 ½-inch and 8-inch.

Rapala® Salt Angler’s Slim Fillet Knife

A slim, medium-flex blade gives the Angler’s Slim Fillet maximum flexibility for working in tight areas, precision cuts and super fine detail. It’s available in two sizes, 6 ½-inch and 8-inch..

Mustad Grip weighted hooks

The new Weighted Grip-Pin Series combines this keeper system with the added benefit of a new integrated belly weight system. Grip-Pin Belly weights are engineered for minimum diameter and with precise placement on the shank for optimal presentation.

Rippin Lips Scent trail

Catfish are built for adversity. Consider spring's oft milky to double-cappuccino-tinted water conditions. Fish species lacking an acute sense of smell are rendered hopeless. s

Never Phoo-Phoo the Original Flu Flu

The Flu Flu jig is still every avid panfish angler’s fine feathered friend.At last you reach into your tackle tote and grab a Flu Flu— the old-school feather jig that’s been catching your eye for hours, .

Reel "N Shad

The Reel N’ Shad from Mann’s has been specifically developed to imitate the real swimming action of live baitfish. This soft plastic jerkbait outswims similar style baits by producing its own unique and lifelike action