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Impeltronics LED Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight

LED flashlight has magnetic ends that can help illuminate low-lit areas. Are there lost keys behind the couch? Need to look under the sink or into the back of kitchen cabinet, but it's too dark to see what's really back there? Impeltronics' LED Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight is up for the job

. With two magnetic ends on each side of the flashlight, the tool makes picking up magnetic items a breeze. Since the flashlight can also stretch to nearly two feet, just like a telescope, it is also convenient for lighting up places where a normal flashlight might not be able to venture. With a flexible LED 360- degree directional rotation, the tool stays bright longer, to allow for optimal visibility.

Offered in black, silver, red, blue and pink, the flashlight is made from a company that has knowledgeable industry experience. Impeltronics, a supplier of high lumen flashlights for police, military, hunting, camping, tactical use, recreation and boating, designs products ready to survive and thrive under extreme conditions. Lighting the way for your next adventure or household project, Impeltronics' LED Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight provides a bright solution for functionality.

LED flashlights hold many benefits, including a longer battery life. They are also brighter than standard bulbs, bringing better durability and reliability to every project and every trip. Constructed from aluminum, the flashlight also has a stainless steel clip, as well as batteries to get the device working on first use. Perfect for keeping in a tool box or putting in the back of a car or truck, the flashlight is also energy efficient and easily moved from one place to another. Impeltronics, a wholesale manufacturer of high quality high lumen LED Flashlights, offers everyone a "strategic advantage against the darkness".

Whether you're in search and rescue, hunting and fishing or in need of light and magnetism in any application, Impeltronics invites everyone to "Light the Way". For more information about Impeltronics' LED Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight, visit -


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