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Aqua-Vu reconnects retinas with Traditions Media

Aqua-Vu reconnects retinas with Traditions Media Underwater camera inventors pledge continued category innovation Crosslake, MN. (January 14, 2015) – Even as legions of its ‘underwater eyes’ search for sportfish beneath frozen and watery surfaces, marine optics leader Aqua-Vu continues its commitment to innovation and excellence in the category it created nearly twenty years ago. Working closely with the outdoors-focused marketing / public relations team at Traditions Media, Aqua-Vu has experienced exceptional sales growth during the past two years. Consequently, the like-minded businesses recently renewed their partnership, striving to fortify worldwide awareness of Aqua-Vu’s entertaining and educational fishing technologies. Aqua-Vu continues expanding the effectiveness of underwater cameras with introductions such as the new Micro Mobile Pro Viewing Case. “With the veteran guidance of Traditions Media, we’ve seen significant growth in retail sales and consumer popularity of our underwater viewing systems,” says Ben Gibbs, President of Aqua-Vu parent company Outdoors Insight, Inc. Along with expanded sales and brand awareness, Gibbs points to new product entries such as Bio-Lume™, an economical yet powerful fish-attracting light system whose recent introduction has spurred quick and significant sales among northern and southern anglers alike. Likewise, says Gibbs, Aqua-Vu continues to grow its Micro® Underwater Camera series, with affordable newer systems like the Micro 5c and TM (trolling motor) Cam. He also hints at several tantalizing video technologies the company plans to release in 2015 and beyond. “I’ll just say this: Folks will soon be able to monitor their fishing spots and document their outings via video like never before.” Traditions Media president Noel Vick notes his company’s zeal for communicating fishing-focused messages. “Our business is about partnering with leading edge fishing companies who share our passion for the pursuit. Aqua-Vu is ‘all in’ on innovation. Just as our other kindred spirits at St. Croix, Humminbird, Plano/Frabill and our other partners continue their traditions of imagination and inspiration. It’s the same approach we take when crafting stories—innovation, passion and unapologetic imagination.” “We’re experts at building innovative, high quality, high tech fishing tools,” Gibbs affirms. “The media professionals at Traditions Media are gifted communicators, telling our story to the trade and consumers in fun and compelling ways. The alliance between our two companies has been a natural, as we anticipate an exciting future for the Aqua-Vu brand.” The boundaries of innovation were seriously tested with Aqua-Vu's new Bio-Lume. The fish-attracting system has become an instant hit with fresh and saltwater anglers.