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Fish Monkey Performance Enhancing Gloves for Anglers

You can make a pretty solid case that your hands—and protecting them— play equally important roles in successful fishing as they do in sports like baseball, football or golf. .


You use your hands for everything from unhooking fish to rummaging in your tcklebox for a lure. They also are exposed to UV light for hours at a time.

Good fishing gloves will proect your hands and improve your overall performance. The do everything from UV protection to warmth in the cold weather.

Fish monkey guide gloves have a soft slighthly tacky feel that improves grip on rods and helps prevent fatigue.

Many anglers don't want to use sunscreen because the oils can repel fish when they get on bait or lures. You need protection and gloves with proper clothing can help.

Patterned to grant sensitivity and total freedom of movement in the wrists and fingers, Fish Monkey designs such as the versatile Stubby Guide Glove give anglers a super natural fit on the water. The half-finger, shortened open-wrist guide glove provides extra comfort with a non-slip silicone palm print for gripping things like fishing rods and kayak paddles. Its quick-drying spandex back provides total UPF 50+ sun protection. Special “pullers” yield easy-on, easy-off without turning the glove inside out. Guides and pro anglers continually call out the following advantages: casting, dexterity and enhanced performance while fishing, tying knots, safe fish handling, poling the flats, and hand protection from cuts, sun and fatigue. Kayak anglers, too, largely consider fishing gloves standard equipment


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