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Rippin Lips' Scent Trail overcomes dirty floodwater to keep the bite going



Catfish are built for adversity. Consider spring's oft milky to double-cappuccino-tinted water conditions. Fish species lacking an acute sense of smell are rendered hopeless. Throw muddy floodwater at a bass and they can't catch a cold. Panfish clump, or scatter like beads of mercury, and sit-one-out until the situation clears.

Even the low-light masters of the waterways – walleyes – take rainchecks. Not the case with catfish, however. Take away vision, throw in catastrophic flood-stage current, and catfish put all their eggs in the smell basket. Consider, for example, recent surges on the Red River, a border water between northern Minnesota and North Dakota. It, arguably, is the best channel cat fishery in North America. But this spring, one look from the flotsam gridlocked landing, and the average angler wouldn't even consider "wasting" their time.

Not the case with superstar guide Brad Durick, though. He's not inclined to cancel guide trips when there are bills to pay and catfish that can still be tracked and tapped. "Sure, fishing is harder when the river is rising and chocolaty, but it's not impossible to locate a few biters," said Durick, as an entire, probably 50-year-old cottonwood floated by in the background. "You have to adjust your game, fish different areas, and rely on the fact that catfish can still smell a meal in fast water." By far and away,

Durick's top bait for these remarkable 10- to 25-pound channel catfish is a fresh cut sucker minnow. Kept thriving in a cooler supported by a Frabill Aqua Life Floating Pump, Durick doesn't knife a single sucker until the moment of truth. "Catfish will hit a wide variety of baits, but nothing beats fresh cut bait that's raw and red when it goes on a Rippin Lips Circle Hook.

" But even deli-fresh bait struggles to lure catfish in dark and raging current. So Durick pulls an ace out of his fish-slimed cargo shorts: Rippin Lips Scent Trail. Before lobbing out the 3-ounce or better No-Roll sinker and sucker chunk, Durick saturates the offering with Scent Trail.

He pumps the tannish gel on the bait until it's coated like wet acrylic paint, dripping blobs onto the cutting board. (The puddle on the cutting board isn't wasted, either, as subsequent cuts are made right in the spill, soaking up the excess.) Scent Trail comingles with the bait's inherent "bouquet" to create a blend that sends an invitation downstream like super-sized Mc Donald's fries to a fisherman.

This, while the hunk of meat maintains the intense flavors that a feeding catfish instinctively can't drop. The pinnacle of treating cut bait with Scent Trail is the full marinade program. Durick carries Plano Liqui-Bait Lockers™ to house and help catalyze the process. Either on the boat, or before launching, he stuffs a Bait Locker with sucker chunks and douses – more like drenches – the meat with Scent Trail and spins the lid tight.

Shaking it like a carton of OJ, the bait is entombed with Scent Trail, elevating the permanence of the product on the bait. The same method is effective with nightcrawlers and commercial bait cubes like Rippin Lips' Leakin Livers. What's that? Just the 426th plastic bottle drifting past, flanked by what looks like a trellis, maybe an old wooden highchair. And that, the dude in Crocs redirecting driftwood at the launch? That would be Brad Durick, making space for his boat, as well as the next dozen boats that wouldn't have launched without his Herculean efforts.

Scent Trail FEATURES:

· Based on the scientific precepts of preferred catfish scents and tastes · Brewed with that most potent aquatic attractants, omega-3 rich fish oils

· Creates wafting cloud of thick oily aroma like a bleeding baitfish

· Spray directly on baits such as Rippin Lips Leakin Livers, cutbaits, shad, suckers or skipjack

· Has been proven on other predator fish, such as walleyes and pike

· Excellent for marinating bait before fishing About Rippin Lips Based in rural South-Central Pennsylvania, Rippin Lips ( has been creating America's catfish-catching'est bait since 2008. Their popular Leakin Liver™ Catfish Bait—whose top-secret recipe continues to be tweaked and fine-tuned each season—offers advantages and ingredients not found in other catfish baits. 100% natural, non-messy, biodegradable, and easy to use and keep on the hook, Leakin Liver gives off a continual profuse scent trail that lasts for up to an hour, at which point the bait has completely dissolved into the water. Beyond Leakin Liver

Catfish Bait, Rippin Lips also manufactures and distributes a potent line of tackle and gear, including Scent Trail™ Fish Attractant, No-Trace™ Scent Eliminator, and catfish hooks, rods and bait-keeping products. With design input and guidance from elite tournament angler and guide John Jamison, Rippin Lips is fast becoming a leading name in catfishing gear

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