Fishing Tips
Video Tips
March 26, 2016 Fishing Tips
Dan Hernandez shows how to add soft baits to bucktails.Tips on picking the right size crankbait.Palomar knot and Double improved clinch knot are great for flipping and pitching. Storm Wig Read More
Fishing Reels
February 16, 2016 Fishing Tips
Getting Reel: Plain Talk about Fishing ReelsDon’t feel overwhelmed by the broad array of fishing reels at your local tackle shop. Just take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the styl Read More
How to Tie a Fish-Finder Rig
February 15, 2016 Fishing Tips
Learn how to tie a fish finder rig, commonly used to bottom fish. Alan Peirce with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission takes you through the process. Read More