• September 2, 2015 8:05 pm
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  • New IceMule Soft Coolers


    The IceMule is the world’s most portable high-performance cooler. Because wherever you go, your cooler should go. Whatever your adventure, you’ll need something cold to drink when you get there. But the hard coolers you’ve used are too heavy and bulky to take with you. And the soft coolers you’ve tried are too leaky or just not as tough as you are (we know you’re tough…we checked around). We think it’s time for something better. Don’t you?


    The IceMule Cooler is the world’s most portable high-performance soft cooler. It combines the portability of a backpack with the performance of a hard cooler. It keeps ice for up to 24 hours. It rolls up for storage in its own stuff sack…and it even floats! Unlike other soft coolers, the IceMule is not sewn together and it has no zippers – sewn seams and zippers leak. Instead, the IceMule’s design is based on the traditional dry bag concept and utilizes welded seams so the cooler can carry ice without leaking like a typical soft cooler does.

    But what makes the IceMule a high-performance cooler is the double-layered shell that houses insulating foam between the layers-in essence creating an incredibly well insulated dry bag. Plus, the IceMule’s watertight roll-top closure and side release buckle make it easily accessible and the padded back-strap makes it highly portable.


    The IceMule™ resulted from a simple need: to carry a real cooler – one that carries real ice – comfortably and easily. We made the IceMule because we wanted to enjoy the outdoors without constraint. We wanted to go wherever we wanted and have a cold drink when we got there – whether it was on top of a mountain or deep into a bay on a paddleboard. Regular coolers just can’t do that. But the IceMule can. T

    he idea was born on a hot, spring day when James Collie was taking a day-long hike with friends in Virginia. Knowing they wouldn’t be able to stop for cold drinks along the banks of James River, and unable to find a good waterproof portable cooler, James created a make-shift cooler out of a day pack and double lined it with plastic trash bags. Inside, he filled it with cold drinks and sandwiches. This seemed like a good idea until the trash bags broke and ice water flooded down the his back. A wet hiker, warm drinks and soggy food started the wheels of innovation turning.

    Once home, he set out to design a soft-sided, waterproof and portable cooler that could carry ice and be comfortable enough to take on both long hikes and relaxing days at the beach. Several months, dozens of prototypes and many days of field testing later, the ultimate cooler was born. Now, the IceMule ™ is here to help keep all of your adventures cool! – See more at: