• September 3, 2015 7:46 am
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  • Booyah Introduces Bank Roll Stand Up Jig

    Fort Smith, Ark. – The new Bank Roll Jig from BOOYAH Bait Co. was created with the help of some of this country’s best jig fishermen.

    This new stand-up jig features a flattop and top-heavy design that keeps it upright on bottom – effectively standing on its head. The skirts are special, too. These unique skirts feature multiple colors and produce reflection like no other.

    Plus, it’s equipped with one of the strongest hooks available in a bass jig. If used with a crawfish-imitating trailer, the Bank Roll keeps the claws up in a defensive position – exactly what bass are expecting to see when approaching a real craw. When used with a more-baitfish or beaver-style trailer, the Bank Roll swims with a slightly down-turned attitude and mimics baitfish feeding action when crawled slowly across the bottom.

    The angle of the hook adds up-and-down “floppy” action when shaken or lifted, and the long, full silicone skirts never seem to stop moving. When flipping or pitching to cover, the Bank Roll presents a natural, nose-down attitude that keeps the hook super-strong hook positioned for perfect hooksets. The unique skirts mimic crawfish and bluegills with equal accuracy.

    BOOYAH limited color selection to only the top eight as determined by our pro anglers (ever try to get a dozen pro anglers to agree on anything?) to catch bass anywhere in the country.

    The Bank Roll is available in two sizes, 3/8- and ½-ounce. For more information, go to –

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