• October 12, 2016 5:59 pm
  • 3oaks Fishing Filet Knife with Floating Handle, Gut Hook, Bone Saw, Carrying Sheath - All In One Fishermen Cleaning Tool

    3oak’s Filet Fishing Knife with Floating Handle. Super sharp bone saw and gut hook. Don’t worry if you drop this knife in the water… It Floats. Fishermen know more than anyone that a knife that wont float is useless when sitting on the bottom of a lake, river, sea or ocean.

    This knife is super sharp allowing you to filet your catch of the day in seconds. The gut hook is another great tool along side a great bone saw. The hard case (some would call a sheath) on this knife has a locking latch that keeps the knife snug in it sheath. The sheath also comes with a well made belt clip that keeps the knife on your side and always in reach. The knife is not heavy at all. This makes it a lot easier to carry on your belt or waist band.

    This fishing knife can easily fit in most tackle boxes or tool boxes. The red tip bobber makes it easier to find if dropped in the water and the knife floats in the water even in its sheath. The sharp point makes it easier for pushing through some fish that have thick skin. You will be glad you chose this great knife!

    This Super Sharp Filet Knife has a Q251 Razor Stainless Steel Blade, so you are getting an extremely quality knife at a price we can all afford! This is one of the best knives on the market! You wont be disappointed when choosing this 3oaks Filet Fishing Knife with Floating Handle, Gut Hook, Bone Saw and Strong Carrying Sheath w/ Safety Latch!

    NOTE: This knife is also great for cutting fishing line.

    • FEATURES: Floats in Water, Gut Hook, Bone Saw, Strong Sheath, Red Tip, Sure Grip Handle, Stainless Steel Blade, Strong Belt Clip
    • MEASUREMENTS: Blade Length 5 5/8 inches -Total Length Is 11 7/8 inches – This Fishing Knife Can Easily Fit In Most Tackle Boxes or Tool Boxes – A Knife Does A Fishermen No Good When Sitting At The Bottom of A Lake, River or Ocean
    • LIFETIME DURABILITY- This Floating Fishing Filet Knife Is Light Weight and Is Easy For Clipping on Your Belt or Pant Waist. This Knife Is Great For Cutting Fishing Line
    • CAUTION: Super Sharp Filet Knife. Please Be Careful When Using- The Safety Latch Keeps This Knife Snug and Tight In Its Sheath
    • Q251 Razor Stainless Steel- Filet Fishing Knife with A Red Tip Bobber Makes Its Easier To See If Its Dropped In The Water