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    Plano, IL (November 2, 2015) –You’ve seen it out there on the frozen landscape. You’ve wondered about that single shelter all by itself, shining like a beacon of great fishing. Far from the crazy crowds of shantytown, the intriguing black and yellow structure sits atop a chunk of untouched underwater real estate.


    What does that angler know that no one else does?

    Celebrating the spirit of ice fishing adventure, Frabill unveils the new Sentinel—a series of pioneering portable ice shelters customized and equipped for those free spirited solo anglers with big fish on the brain.

    Safeguarding schools of big hungry bluegills or hounding hefty Northwoods walleyes, anglers inside their Sentinels enjoy maximum comfort and fishability: plenty of real estate to arm electronics and ample elbow room to set hooks. All Sentinels feature 11.5 fishable square feet, optimized for the natural movements of any ice angler.


    New window shapes and placements on Frabill’s 2015-16 shelters improve lines of sight for spying tip-ups.

    The Frabill Sentinel series consists of three distinct models, each equipped with a comfortable seating option. The Sentinel 1000 includes the Padded Trunk, which holds a mountain of ice rods, tackle and bait, plus features a nice cushy place to ‘park it.’ The Sentinel 1100 offers a comfortable Jump Seat that folds for easy storage. And the Sentinel 1350 adds includes a deluxe Boat Seat atop the tackle trunk for comfy seating and convenient storage.

    “You know that little black dot on the icy horizon? That’s me,” quips Joe Balog, the popular Frabill pro bass angler who’s equally energetic when chasing panfish on ice. “For prowling and pillaging schools of big water perch, I can’t imagine a better system than my Frabill Sentinel. This shelter gives me the perfect balance of portability, stealth and precision. Small and light enough to easily pull around by hand, and equally easy to load up into a small SUV.”


    Padded Trunk Seat on Sentinel 1000

    More sweet stuff . . . Striking new graphics and specially engineered angles aren’t just designed to catch your eye. Details such as all new windows—shaped as slanted trapezoids and parallelograms (think Geometry 101)—provide anglers an optimal line-of-sight for checking tip-ups, or for looking ‘over your shoulder’ for those pesky, tail-piping followers to your hotspot.

    “The Sentinel offers the most intelligently designed, well-organized interior ice fishing space I’ve ever experienced,” says Balog. “If you like to get away from the crowd, and whale on untapped schools of fish like I do, this is the sweetest set-up on ice.”

    Frabill Sentinel 1000 Flip-Over Shelter with Padded Trunk Seat
    • Front Zippered Entry
    • 11.5 Fishable Square Feet
    • Set-Up Size – 106”L x 35”W x 64”H
    • Folded Size – 56”L x 35”W x 15”H
    • Padded Trunk Seating / Storage
    • 300 Denier Tent
    • 51 lbs.
    Model # 640300
    MSRP $279.99

    Frabill Sentinel 1100 Flip-Over Shelter with Jump Seat
    • Front Zippered Entry
    • 11.5 Fishable Square Feet
    • Set-Up Size – 106”L x 35”W x 64”H
    • Folded Size – 56”L x 35”W x 15”H
    • Jump Seat included
    • 300 Denier Tent
    • 54 lbs.
    Model # 640310
    MSRP $299.99

    Frabill Sentinel 1350 Insulated Flip-Over Shelter with Boat Seat on Trunk
    • Front Zippered Entry
    • 11.5 Fishable Square Feet
    • Set-Up Size – 106”L x 35”W x 64”H
    • Folded Size – 56”L x 35”W x 22.5”H
    • Boat Seat on Padded Trunk Seating / Storage
    • Zippered Front Door Entry
    • Fully Insulated 510 Denier Tent
    • 62 lbs.
    Model # 640320
    MSRP $379.99


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