• January 27, 2016 7:38 am
  • New G. Loomis Walleye Rods Announced

    WOODLAND, Washington – USA – New for Spring 2016 Walleye Season — For those fishing situations where sensitivity is the most critical need, G. Loomis announces a new series of high-performance IMX graphite walleye rods available for spring 2016 season openers. Designed for techniques where anglers are holding the rod – jigging, rigging, light-line finesse and universal actions for versatile use – the IMX series includes 10 spinning models that are lightweight, responsive and on the far edge of extreme sensitivity.

    Along with the new IMX rods, G. Loomis is also bringing its award-winning E6X graphite and Multi-Taper Technology to walleye anglers. With the new E6X Walleye series – including nine spinning and three casting rods, anglers of all levels can experience what G. Loomis rods are all about, with durable models for select specific walleye fishing techniques – vertical jigging, rigging, bottom-bouncing and trolling – plus ‘universal’ actions for versatile use.

    G. Loomis will be showcasing these new IMX and E6X walleye rods at upcoming fishing shows, including the Chicagoland Fishing, Travel & Outdoor Expo on January 28-31 in Schaumberg, Ill.; the Duluth, Minn. Boats, Sports, Travel & RV Show on February 17-21; the Ultimate Sport Show in Grand Rapids, Mich. on March 17-20; and the Northwest Sportshow in Minneapolis starting on March 30.

    IMX Walleye Rods

    Anglers who enjoy jigging for walleyes are offered includes two vertical jigging rods – the 6-foot- 3-inch IMX 751S WJR and 752S WJR – offering precise line and lure control, and the 6-foot-8-inch IMX 802 WJR and 7-foot-6-inch 901S WJR pitching jig rods for when extra range is needed.

    The IMX 851S WRR – a light action 7-foot-1-inch rod – is for fishing spinner and bait rigs where responsive tips and butt-section power for quick hooksets is needed. When it’s clear water or a weather change that has turned the fish off, anglers can look for the 6-foot-8-inch IMX 801S WFR ultra-light finesse rod for use with lighter line and smaller rigs and jigs.

    While the new IMX series offers specific actions and lengths for specific techniques and situations, many walleye anglers will like the for versatile, all-around IMX ‘Universal’ rods. These models – offered fast action with medium power in both one-piece and two-piece versions for travel and storage convenience – include the 6-foot-6-inch IMX 782S WUR and 782-2S WUR, and the 7-foot IMX 842S WUR and 842-2S WUR for longer casts and to fish deeper waters.

    All the IMX walleye rods feature full cork rear grip, custom cork mid-body reel seats and Fuji guides. Handcrafted at the G. Loomis Woodland, Washington manufacturing facility, they are backed by the G. Loomis limited lifetime warranty and Xpeditor Service. They will retail from $285 to $325.

    E6X Walleye Rods

    For vertical jigging, the E6X series offers 6-foot-3-inch spinning rods including the E6X 752S WJR and two-piece 752-2S WJR, while angler fishing spinner and bait rigs are offered the 7-foot-1-inch E6X 852S WRR and two-piece 852-2S WRR spinning rods.

    Bottom-bounce action can be targeted with the 7-foot-1-inch E6X 853C WBBR casting rod. For trolling, the series will include two-piece casting rods – the 8-foot E6X 9632C WTR for crankbait spinner rigs, spoons and even lead core line, and the 10-foot E6X 1205-2C WTR for use in side rod holders with divers, planer boards and lead core line.

    With fast tips and subtle, yet powerful butt sections, the E6X ‘Universal’ walleye rods include 6-foot-6-inch, 7-foot and 7-foot-6-inch models in both one- and two-piece models – the fast action, medium power 6- to-12-pound test line with the E6X 782S WUR, 782-2S WUR, 842S WUR and 842-2S WUR for 6- to 12- pound test, and the extra fast action, light power E6X 901S WUR and 901-2S WUR for 6- to 10-pound test.

    As with all G. Loomis rods, the E6X walleye rods are handcrafted in Woodland, Washington, and are backed the G. Loomis’ limited lifetime warranty and Expeditor Service. They will retail from $179.99 to $239.99.

    For more information on the new IMX and E6X walleye rods, visit, call 800/GLoomis, or stop by your nearest G. Loomis tackle dealer. – See more at:

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