• October 12, 2016 6:10 pm
  • Berkley Powerbait Attractant, 8-Ounce, Trout Scent

    Bring the force and effectiveness of Power Bait to everything you use with Berkley’s Power Bait Attractant. This potent mixture enhances ordinary lures and can even be applied to live bait. Berkley’s Power Bait technology releases more flavor upon bite, making fish hold 18x longer, meaning more of your strikes count. Now you can take all you rigs and baits to the next level. Simple, convenient and easy to use, you’ll never fish without it. Available in 2 oz. and 8 oz. bottles and a variety of scent to customize to your catch.

    • Made using the highest quality materials
    • Engineered to help anglers catch more fish
    • The most trusted name in all fishing gear
    • PowerBait’s proven and effective formula in a bottle!
    • Enhances ordinary lures or live bait
    • Quick, convenient, easy to use
    • 8 oz. bottle
    • Comes in trout