• February 16, 2017 3:51 pm
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  • Daiwa's New Bass Reels

    3 new bass reels from Daiwa including the Zillion SV, which is nearly impossible to backlash.

    Tatula CT


    A low profile , sleek reel with an strong  all aluminum frame. It has the T-wing system, air rotation system and 7 bearings.  The CT stands for Compact Tatula. It holds 15% less line than the full size Tatula, which comes out to 100yds of 16lb line.

    The Tatula CT comes in 5.5:1 (right hand only), 6.3:1, 7.3:1, and 8.1:1 (right hand only) gear ratios. Each ratio is color coded for easy identification

    Tatula CT Type-R


    Tatula CT Type-R reelThis is the tournament anglers reel of choice. It’s the reel anglers like Meyer, Ish Monroe and Randy Howell are carrying for the long haul this season.

    The CT-Type R adds Daiwa’s Magforce Z system, along with a Zion star drag, an A7075 aircraft grade aluminum spool, and two sealed, corrosion resistant bearings on both sides of the spool;

    Zillion SV TW


    “SV” stands for “Stressfree and Versatile,” because it is almost impossible to backlash.


    The backlash prevention comes from Daiwa’s Air Brake system, and it’s truly unreal. Arakawa says he didn’t believe it when Daiwa’s engineers told him they’d invented a reel that doesn’t backlash.



    Zillion SV reel

    • light aluminum frame
    • G1 Duralumin spool, stronger than regular spools
    • 8 ball bearings

    “If you’re a guy that casts Senkos a lot or a lure that doesn’t have much weight, this is the reel,” Arakawa explains. “It’s perfect for lightweight, finesse fishing. You can throw a Senko out there with no weight on it at all. You can even skip docks with a baitcaster using Zillion SV TW.”