• July 26, 2015 11:09 am
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  • Flover Trolling Motor Ideal for Small Boats

    Boaters worldwide understand the adaptability of electric outboard motors. Sailors use them when docking, paddlers when facing a headwind and fishermen while working a shoreline. The transom-mounted Flover 33 series offers plenty of performance, in a high-quality, convenient package. A classic trolling motor, the reliable Flover 33 series features five forward and three reverse speeds, and produces a powerful 33 lbs. of thrust with a standard 12-volt marine battery. It runs for over 9 hours at its most economical setting and 2.5 hours at maximum speed. The adjustable, 29.5″ ceramic-coated aluminum shaft and 10-level locking bracket make it a convenient solution for most small boat applications. Because of its adaptability, the Flover 33 is ideal for 8-12′ inflatables, sailboats, canoes and kayaks, and as a trolling motor on larger fishing vessels. It can also be stowed and used in emergencies. Weighing only 30 lbs., the motor is quick and simple to rig. Tightening two easy-to-grip clamp screws, adjusting the shaft and connecting the battery is all it takes. Because much of the weight is near the two-bladed 9″ prop, it’s a mere 15 lbs. net on the boat’s transom. The durable Flover 33 is virtually silent, making it ideal for fishing and nature photography. Because there is no fuel, it’s an odor-free, environmentally-friendly alternative to a traditional gasoline outboard. The Flover 33F features a standard ergonomic tiller, while the 33T extends its reach 5.5″ with a telescopic grip. The 33TG has the same adjustable control and adds an LED battery level gauge. Suggested retail pricing for the Flover 33 starts at $126. Flover engineers and manufactures fresh and saltwater electric outboard motors ranging from 33–55 lbs. of thrust. They are well-known throughout Europe. Its parent company, CSM Tech, is actively seeking US and Canadian distributors. To learn more about this opportunity, contact