• September 5, 2015 11:18 am
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    Mann’s Reintroduces Stretch 25+

    MANN’S INTRODUCES THE RETURN OF A LEGEND The Original Smooth Body Stretch25+™ is back! Eufaula, AL, The classic lure that changed saltwater trolling forever is back; Mann’s Bait Company® is once again manufacturing the Stretch 25+™ series with the widely popular Smooth bodied finish. More


    Rebel TracDown Minnow

    It’s common to remember good lures gone by, but it’s even better when one returns to the lineup better than ever before. Rebel Lures is proud to announce that the Ghost Minnow – one of the most-productive little slender minnow twitch baits ever – has returned with new color patterns and hardware that is better for the fish, the fishery and the fisherman. MORE


    Want to catch bigger fish? Simple, use the right baits. At, we are proud to offer every lure made by Rapala and all the 12 brands that make up the Rapala Respected Brand family. If you can’t find that special lure, color or size at your favorite tackle retailer you should be able to find it here.

    Whether you are fishing fresh, salt or hardwater, you can choose from over 10,000 fishing products – all made by fishermen for fishermen..


    Mepps Trolling RIg/Crawler Harness

    Walleye anglers understand the efficiency of trolling, allowing you to cover a lot of water and keep in contact with active fish. Not only is trolling one of the most productive methods for catching walleye, it’s known for producing BIG fish. But, it’s also known for rigs tied from monofilament which tangle, twist, wear out quickly and break, costing valuable fishing time, or worse, the fish of a lifetime.


    Custom Jigs & Spins

    .Custom Jigs & Spins expands the Pro Series Slender Spoon spectrum with new in-demand sizes. It won’t take you long to realize no two specimens in nature are exactly the same size .MORE

    Custom Jigs & Spins’ Demon

    So many lures. So many species. But only so much time. The fact is, all too many ice anglers spend more time “fishing” with their lure out of the hole rather than in the strike zone; all the while nipping and numb-fingering different jigs rather than just tying on a confidence bait in the first place. So what’s the go-to jig for this Northern Minnesota panfish expert? Why, only one of the most well-known jigs on the market since late 1970s – the vertical-oriented Custom Jig & Spins’ Demon.


    Bank Roll Stand Up Jig

    The new Bank Roll Jig from BOOYAH Bait Co. was created with the help of some of this country’s best jig fishermen.

    This new stand-up jig features a flattop and top-heavy design that keeps it upright on bottom – effectively standing on its head. The skirts are special, too. These unique skirts feature multiple colors and produce reflection like no other


    Mann's Preacher jig

     A pattern emerged in the 80’s that brought success to many tournament bass fishermen. Schooling fish on ledges were going crazy for a little bait called the Preacher’s Jig by Mann’s. Recent success in FLW and BASS tournaments has spawned a resurgence of this “go to” bait. Mann’s Bait Company is proud to once again offer the Preacher’s Jig in response to consumer request and is now offering a newer version of the original classic.


    Baby D-Stroyer Soft Plastic

    Missile Baits has a new baby with their all-new Baby D Stroyer. The new bait is a bite-sized version of the monster creature, the D Stroyer. The Baby version measures just under 5″ long with the tails extended, which have natural action with the slightest movement. Being in a smaller size, the Baby D Stroyer is sure to be a necessity for almost every bass angler.


    Bandit Lures

    3 New Dual-Look Cranks Now Available In 100, 200 and 300 Series Fort Smith, Ark. – Bandit Lures made a huge impact on bass fishing with its “Mistake” color pattern that features a black back and vertical bars over a red base on one side and a chartreuse base on the other, and for 2016 anglers get three new “mistakes” from which to choose. New are the Crossbreed pattern, which pairs up the realistic Baby bass pattern on one side and the equally natural-looking River Bream on the other,


    Zoom Launches First Hand-Poured Worm

    Z-3 Swamp Crawler will come in triple laminate patterns – Zoom Bait Company announces the release of the new Z-3 Swamp Crawler, a hand-poured, triple laminate straight-tailed worm that will be deadly on heavily –pressured bass from coast to coast. It combines the best attributes of hand-poured worms with affordability and Zoom’s legendary quality control.l.


    E-Z CRANK 30+

    Deep diving crankbaits are the hot lure of choice right now and Mann’s just made going deeper a tad bit easier with the introduction of the E-Z Crank™ 30+. Being an innovator in deep diving hard baits, Mann’s has produced a lure designed to reach the same extreme depth as our original 30+, but with over 30% LESS RESISTANCE during retrieval.


    Jackall Premium Ganterel Swimbaits

    With a 6-inch double-jointed body mimicking a nice size lunch for big bass, Jackall Lures brings the Gantarel slow-floating hard swimbait to North American anglers. The Gantarel’s jointed body creates,


    Mann's Goliath Frog

    The adage “size matters” is true, especially when it comes to frog lures and big bass. The Goliath Frog™ from Mann’s Bait Co. is a larger bodied frog that casts easier, sits higher, and fishes


    Shaky Worms Still A Staple in Bass Fishing

    Berkley® continues to produce the best baits in an effort to propel its dedicated pro staff to victory. With lighter presentations becoming the norm, Berkley PowerBait® introduces something new to give anglers the advantage in finesse fishing: the Shaky Snake.