• February 16, 2016 7:56 am
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  • Mepps® Aglia® -e Triggers Predatory Response

    Antigo, WI – Appeal to the predatory responses of salmon, trout and steelhead by casting the all-new Mepps® Aglia® -e. The new
    Mepps® Aglia® -e offers the look and feel of a salmon egg with the proven fish-catching ability Mepps® is known for.

    The spawn sac pattern on the blade and durable, life-like egg imitator on the hook of the Mepps® Aglia® -e will be sure to attract strikes.

    Aglia® -e spinners come in 12 proven colors, six sizes and are available with a single or treble hook.

    No other spinner takes advantage of the fixation trout and salmon have during spawning season like the Mepps® Aglia® -e. View the new Mepps® Aglia® -e at or the Mepps Master Catalog. To receive a current Mepps Master Catalog, call 715.623.7556

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