• May 22, 2016 4:08 pm
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    Northland Adds Optically-Brightened Colors in Mimic Minnow Series

    The Mimic Minnow has new optically brightened, high-vis UV colors that reflect the suns UV rays. They show up better for the fish , even in dirty water.

    UV coatings gather and reflect UV light to brighten colors.  They work well in stained water, deep water and low light periods. It has a soft plastic body imitating shad and other small baitfish. It has a paddle tail that throbs and shakes even at low speeds.

    It comes pre-rigged on a realistic, true-swimming baitfish head and is available in 1/32-, 1/16-, 1/8-, 1/4- and 3/8-ounce sizesand 6 colors perfect for panfish, walleyes, bass, trout and pike.Colors available are White Tiger, Pink Tiger, Tech Tiger Strike-Triggering Paddle Tail
    Purple Tiger, Watermelon Tiger Lifelike Deep-Bodied Baitfish Profile
    Clown Tiger

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    New Northland Swimbait Looks, Feels and Tastes Like the Real Thing

    – Northland Fishing Tackle’s new IMPULSE® Live Paddle Minnow is a deadly, naturally-flavored soft plastic that looks, feels and swims just like a tantalizing, young-of-the-year baitfish. – Slender body and paddle tail mimic minnows and small baitfish. It has a rainbow of lifelike colors, rolling, throbbing nd wobbling thru the water.It has reflective foil in a holographic body.
    The lure is also charges with  Northland’s IMPULSE® Instinctual Attractant, which features a baked-in MicroPlankton formula fish can’t resist – It works well on a variety of jig heads and comes in 6 colors

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    Spinners and Spinnerbaits for Muskies, Northern Pike
    New spinnerbaits and inline spinners for muskies and walleye, including Bird-Shot Bucktail, the Bionic Bucktail,spinnerbait and the Reed Runner Magnum.
    Armed with a 4x strong VMX treble, triple split rings and other tough components, the Bird-Shot Bucktail is built for battle -It has a rotating rattle chamber body loaded with birdshot.
    The bionic buctail spinnerbait has a deep vee boat type hull that runs straight and pushes past weeds.It has Dura-tin main and trailer hooks and tandem blades for more flas and vibration.

    The Reed Runner Magnum is great for getting pike out of  tangled vegetation. The new 1 oz option is good for deeper cover

    while maintaining standout features including tandem willow blades, double Limber-Legs® silicone skirting, a premium Mustad Ultra-Point main hook and trailing Double-Trouble Sting’r. Plus, the twist-bend line tie readily accepts snaps and leaders, without letting them slide down the wire.

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