• October 12, 2016 6:53 pm
  • Portable Lure Rod Set with 1.6m/63in Lure Fishing Rod Fishing Reel Fishing Baits Suits Delicate Fishing Bag Piscator Zone Professional Fishing Tackles Kit

    It has different selectable suits, and it deserves to purchase.
    The item provides a full set of outdoor fishing tools, and it is good choice for angler enthusiasts.
    Containment: 50cm/19.7in fishing bag + 1.6m/63in fishing rod + YF200 fishing reel+ 10 pieces jig lead head hooks + 42 pieces soft baits
    Total Weight:550g/560g

    Lure fishing rod:
    Structure: 6sections
    Material: glass fiber + ABS plastic
    Extended length: 1.6m/63in, retractable length:45cm/17.7in

    Fishing reel:
    Gear Ratio: 5:2:1
    Dimension: 80*95*100m/3.15*3.74*3.94in
    Line Capacity(mm-M):0.18/245 0.20/200 0.25/125
    Material: ABS plastic + metal
    It will show good effect when working with lure fishing rod and fish gun.

    Fishing bag:
    Total length: 50cm/19.7in
    Feature: mini and lightweight
    Material: oxford cloth + stain wire

    Fishing baits suit:
    Containment: 6 kinds of silicone soft baits and 2 kinds of high carbon steel jig lead head hooks
    Function: It can attract fishes by shaking its beautiful and fascinating tail.

    The color of the rod and reel: black-red.
    The fishing gears kit is suitable for fishing lovers and new anglers portable to carry outside.
    You can install the reel to the rod before you going for fishing.
    Please make sure that your fishing tackles clean after fishing.

    • This is a kind of portable lure rod suit, including a telescopic fishing rod, a fishing reel with fishing line, artificial baits & fishing hooks kit, and a 50cm/19.7in portable fishing bag.
    • YF Fishing Reel: Made of high strength ABS material, foldable handle, multi-position structure, Size: 80*95*100m/3.15*3.74*3.94in
    • Lure fishing rod: Made of ABS plastic + glass fiber, hard EVA foam handle, extended length: 1.6m/63in, retractable length: 45cm/17.7in
    • Fishing bag: length: Made of 600D oxford cloth + steel wire, mini and lightweight, length:50cm/19.7in
    • Lure soft baits suit: It contains 6 kinds of silicone soft baits, 2 kinds of high carbon steel jig lead head hooks.