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  • Rapala Scatter Raps
    Rapala Scatter Rap Shad Deep

    The new Scatter Rap® Shad Deep crankbait has a balsa baitfish body like a Shad Rap with a deep diving Scatter Lip. It will dive in the 9-12 foot range.  it weighs 1/4 oz and is 2 3/4″ long with 2 #6 VMC Black Nickel Treble Hooks. It will float when paused and has an erratic lateral action.

    It  comes in 16 color patterns: Firetiger, Helsinki Shad, Yellow Perch, Bleak, Dark Brown Crawdad, Perch, Shad, Bluegill, Hot Steel, Mardi Gras, Silver, Demon, Golden Alburnus, Purpledescent, Blue Back Herring and Caribbean Shad.
    In 5 to 8 feet you can use the original scatter rap models  The Scatter Rap Crank Deep also covers the 9-12 feet range.

    Featuring what’s best described as “evasive action,” Scatter Raps perfectly mimic spooked baitfish fleeing a predator, moving unpredictably from one side to the next, back to center, and then kicking out to one side again. That built-in ability to change directions is what makes Scatter Raps so deadly, says legendary angler Al Lindner, host of television’s “Angling Edge”.

    You don’t need elaborate rod tip manuvers, wrist motions, or jigging with the Scatter Rap.  It creates the action by itself.


    .Frosted Shadow Raps in see-thru water

    In clear water or areas of high pressure, bright colors often don’t work. Then try a frosted shadow rap or Shadow Rap Shad jerkbait. They tend to work when brighter lures fail. They have a soft glow rather than a bright flash.

    The Frosted series comprises five color patterns (left to right):
    • Purple Haze – Dark purple back, light purple-white frosted sides, pink gill plates
    • Haymaker – Olive green back, light olive-white frosted sides, light orange gill plates
    • Olive Drab – Dark olive back, light green-white frosted sides, light yellow gill plates
    • Elite Blue – Dark blue-gray back, light gray-white frosted sides, light orange belly
    • Crush – Dark brown back, light brown frosted sides

    They have a horizontal struggle with a vertical fade mimicking a dying minnow. They are best in 2 to 4 feet of water.  Shadow raps dart side to side with each twitch of the rod and will spin around almost 180 degrees with a sharp jerk.

    An all-season jerkbait, the Shadow Rap Shad triggers fish in three ways — on the kick, on the wobbling slow rise, and with a snap back to life. Shadow Rap Shads come in models that target two different depth ranges — three to four feet and five to six feet. The latter is called the Shadow Rap Shad Deep.



    There is a Scatter Rap for any occasion.

    They come is several shapes and sizes and can be cast or trolled. Good for bass, walleye, pike, seatrout and lake trout. Using classic Rapala shapes with a curved Scatter Lip creates a triggering mechanism that draws strikes. They have an evasive action to mimic a spooked baitfish fleeing a predator, moving from side to side, back to center and kicking out to side again. No special manuevers are need, just reel the bait in.

    Scatter Rap® Shad
    Scatter Rap Shads pair a Scatter Lip with the inimitable balsa buoyancy and baitfish body of a Shad Rap — the best multi-species, all-season crankbait of all time. they cover the 5 to 8 foot range. The 2′ runs 5-7 feet deep and the 2 3/4 ‘ runs 5-8 feet deep. Trolling speed is 2 to 4 mph. the float when pused and are available in 16 patterns.

    The Scatter Rap Shad Deep joins the Scatter Rap Crank Deep in covering the 9- to 12-foot portion of the water column. Lindner relies on Scatter Rap Shad Deeps, he says, “in clear-water conditions where fish will come in and look at a bait and follow it for awhile.”

    Measuring 2 3/4 inches and weighing 1/4 an ounce, Scatter Rap Shad Deeps feature two No. 6 VMC black-nickel treble hooks. They run silently, float when paused and come in 16 paint pattern


    Scatter Rap Shad Deep

    Scatter Rap Minnow

    Jointed & Shad

    Scatter Rap Tail Dancer

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