• October 12, 2016 6:20 pm
  • Rebel F76-35 Wee Crawfish, 1/5-Ounce, 2-Inch, Cajun Crawdad

    The ultra-light Rebel Wee-Crawfish is undoubtedly one of the most popular fishing lures in the world. Its small life-like profile entices and catches all sizes of game fish-especially bass, trout, and panfish. The distinct pulsating action is irresistible and extremely effective in rivers and streams. The Rebel Wee-Crawfish meets the demand for medium, mid-runners and runs between 5-7 ft.

    • Rebel Lures A Standard of Excellence for every Fishing Occasion
    • Diving Depth: 5-7 Feet
    • Species: All Freshwater Game Fish
    • Technique: Cast and retrieve with erratic action simulating a tasty bait.
    • For best resultes, use a double loop knot with 8-10 lb test line.