• July 10, 2015 6:56 pm
  • Rippin Lips Introduces "Catfish Catapults"

    Popular SuperCat Rods add two shore-specific models to new Long Range Series


    Chambersburg, Penn. ( – An itch you can’t quite scratch. A hard-to-reach fishing hotspot. That distant watery nook where scary big catfish lie in wait. A small stick well off shore, flagging a fish-holding brushpile below. The boiling depths beneath an imposing dam where it’s said catfish larger than a man terrorize scuba divers as well as any fish in the neighborhood . . . if only your cast could reach that far.

    For anglers everywhere, such inaccessible catfish present two ticklish problems: (1) How to reach these forbidden spots with a single cast from the beach? (2) Once hooked, how does a shore-bound angler attempt to, you know, actually land one of these beasts?
    To scratch this particularly insidious itch, Rippin Lips unveils the SuperCat® Long Range Series, two new extended-length spinning rods engineered expressly for launching missile casts and driving spikes into the jaws of big fish from afar. Designed and tested by legendary Rippin Lips catman John Jamison, new SuperCat Long Range rods include a 10- and a 12-foot medium-heavy action spinning rod catering to folks who prefer a forked stick and a lawn chair to the confines of a jonboat.

    Possessing long-cast leverage and power in equal abundance, SuperCat Long Range rods employ select S-glass banks—a lighter, more advanced fiberglass that’s also stronger and stiffer than its E-glass counterpart. Likewise, S-glass offers nearly twice the modulus of E-glass, resulting in the optimal blend of blank strength, smoothness and sensitivity.

    “SuperCat has become one of the most trusted names in catfish rods,” says Jamison. “We think folks who hunt big channels, blues and flatheads from shore will love the way the new Long Range rods perform for them. When people first clutch and cast one of these rods, they can’t believe the incredible distances of the casts they make, nor the perfect comfort, power and balance they provide when battling catfish.”

    Jamison says that for fishing slow current and cats up to about 50 pounds, the 10-foot medium-heavy action (RL10MH-2S) model is perfect. To further extend casting and hook-setting distance, the medium-heavy 12-footer (RL12MH-2S) performs like a catfish catapult.

    Both 2-piece SuperCat Long Range spinning rods sport eight extra-tough chrome plated stainless steel guides plus high-vis glow tip for night fishing. To enhance casting distance and ultimate leverage over big cats, the rods also feature custom EVA extended split-grip handles. “They tuck comfortably under my arm when I’m battling a big blue or flathead,” Jamison adds. “And I can use the extended butt to essentially catapult baits toward the horizon.”

    Available in a total of eight lengths and actions, for everything for small stream channel cats to big water blues and flatheads, all SuperCat Rods offer competitive pricetags ($35.99 to $84.99) and are ready to get bloodied in battle—just as their striking crimson blanks suggest. All rods also come with complete one-year manufacturer’s warranties.

    “These are very impressive catfish rods, especially when you consider their incredibly affordable pricetags,” Jamison asserts. “And we absolutely stand behind them, giving folks total piece of mind—just like all Rippin Lips catfish products.”


    About Rippin Lips
    Based in rural South-Central Pennsylvania, Rippin Lips ( has been creating America’s catfish-catching’est bait since 2008. Their popular Leakin Liver™ Catfish Bait—whose top-secret recipe continues to be tweaked and fine-tuned each season—offers advantages and ingredients not found in other catfish baits. 100% natural, non-messy, biodegradable, and easy to use and keep on the hook, Leakin Livers give of a continual profuse scent trail that calls cats from afar. Beyond Leakin Livers Catfish Bait, Rippin Lips also manufactures and distributes a potent line of tackle and gear, including Scent Trail™ Fish Attractant, No-Trace™ Scent Eliminator, and catfish hooks, rods and bait-keeping products. With design input and guidance from elite tournament anglers, such as John Jamison and Phil King, Rippin Lips has become a leading name in modern catfishing gear.