• September 7, 2015 1:14 pm
  • Terminator T-1 Spinner

    .MINNETONKA, Minn. – Young but decidedly old-school, Terminator® pro Ott DeFoe is about the last guy you can imagine wearing pink. But throwing pink? He’s a little less conservative. Hence the new Cotton Candy pattern T-1 Original Titanium Spinnerbait, which features pink body strands.

    "A lot of guys will throw a pink floating worm around the spawn," DeFoe explains. "That was a lot of our thinking behind the Cotton Candy T-1 – it doesn’t look like anything in nature, but fish sure bite it."

    The Cotton Candy T-1 Original Titanium Spinnerbait, one of three new color patterns, features olive-brown back strands, pink and white body strands with brown flecks, and a gold-silver head. It comes with in two blade combinations: Tandem Willows, one Gold and one Nickel; and Gold Colorado with Nickel Willow.

    "You look at it and think it’s kind of an off-the-wall color," DeFoe says, laughing. "But I can’t tell you how many fish I’ve caught on a pink spinnerbait!" He favors the Cotton Candy-pattern T-1 when fishing in the spawn and post-spawn period in slightly stained water. "About 2 feet of visibility seems where it shines the best," he says.

    Built on practically indestructible titanium frames, T-1 Original Titanium Spinnerbaits feature unique, changeable silicone QuickSkirts in mostly natural baitfish patterns. Extended Power Pulse Trailer accent tails provide additional exaggerated and irresistible flowing action.

    The other two new color patterns are Blue Back Herring and Hot Olive. DeFoe worked with Terminator to design all three new patterns.

    The Blue Back Herring T-1’s natural-looking colors make it one of DeFoe’s "ultimate" clear-water spinnerbaits. "Anywhere the water’s really, really clear – say, over 4 feet of visibility – that’s where I’m going to pick up the Blue Back Herring color," he says.

    Featuring gold-brown back strands, white body strands, and a gold-silver head, the Blue Back Herring pattern doesn’t just imitate the baitfish it’s named after. "It imitates just about any kind of baitfish really well," DeFoe says. "I’ll use it a lot when Threadfin Shad is the main forage."

    The new Blue Back Herring T-1 Original Titanium Spinnerbait comes in two blade combinations: Nickel Double Willows; and Nickel Willow with Gold Colorado.

    Featuring olive-brown back strands, white body strands, chartreuse belly strands, and a gold-silver head, the Hot Olive-pattern T-1 is DeFoe’s new "all-around workhorse," he says.

    "I’ve already caught a lot of fish on that one," he explains. "With a good mix of chartreuse, white and that olive-colored back, it does a great job mimicking the local forage species no matter what it happens to be."

    Calling it an "in-between" spinnerbait option, DeFoe says Hot Olive is a great color to throw in slightly to moderately stained water. It comes in two blade combinations: Tandem Willows, one Gold and one Nickel; and Nickel Colorado with Gold Willow.

    All of the new T-1 patterns are available in 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 ounce models. Each size boasts a premium VMC® hook.

    Suggested retail price: $9.99

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