• September 2, 2015 8:17 am
  • Tucket Giller Fishing/Boating Shoe Weighs Just Ounces

    TUCKET FOOTWEAR‘s first line of men’s shoes hit retail and online in Spring 2015 in five different SKUs. Available in more than two dozen states, retail partners include Bass Pro Shops, Ron Jon’s, Kinnucans, and
    THE GILLER MEN’S SHOE is named for the “gills” on the sides and outsole which allow water to drain instantly. It is a unique, injection-molded boat shoe with a patent-pending design that allows water to drain instantly via 24 holes in the upper and outsole. These ultra-lightweight shoes–a single size 11 Men’s shoe weighs just over 8 ounces–are made of unique, proprietary materials, including an EVA core for the uppers (the same used in many athletic shoes, which helps significantly reduce foot fatigue) and performance outsoles made of a material called Microplast, which has passed slip testing for occupational footwear and meets OSHA standards for slip-resistance.
    The Giller is the fastest draining and drying performance boat shoe on the market today. Whether you use them twice a week or twice a day, they are practical, durable and look great.
    Key Features:
    ● 24 holes in Outsole and Upper for Instant Draining
    ● Slip Resistant, Non-Marking Outsole – great grip on wet surfaces
    ● EVA Upper ● Pad design in outsole for siping and flexibility
    ● Premium Arch Support and Ergonomic Footbed
    ● Waterproof, Synthetic Shoe Strings
    ● Easy To Clean, Anti-Microbial
    ● Textured Surface for Premium Finish ● Ultra-lightweight – size 11 shoe weighs 8.4 oz
    ● Made in the USA
    ● The company will donate 3 meals to families via Feeding America for each pair of Giller shoes purchased SKUS [all are $60.00 SRP] – second color is outsole/lace MBO-1311 MBO-1911 MBO-2951 MBO-1611 MBO-5959 Khaki & Vanilla Brown & Vanilla Navy & White Cognac & Vanilla Black& Black – S