• July 23, 2015 9:47 am
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  • Vexilar Mobile Marine Solution to Intro at ICAST

    ICAST, the largest fishing tackle trade show in the world kicks off in Orlando, Florida July 15. Vexilar, one of the most trusted names in the marine industry will be there to help retailers see the unstoppable trend in smart phone use by the anglers and boaters. Vexilar’s SonarPhone is the world’s first WiFi based sonar technology that was launched three years ago. It creates its own hotspot, so your smart phone or tablet so can be used anywhere in the world. Vexilar began creating sonar over 50 years ago and has been a pioneer in sonar technology developing the first liquid crystal sonar. However, many know Vexilar as the world’s most popular flasher style sonar used for ice fishing. Vexilar will be showing off what they call “The Mobile Marine Solution” as the next generation of boating display monitors that dock directly with your smart device so you never have issues of water, heat or run time. This new monitor is developed by Argonaut Computer, Inc, who is also a major player in marine display technology. Their new “Mirror” series of monitors can be seen at the Vexilar booth and will be available for sale in September.” With the integration of Navionics mapping technology for the option of split screen SonarPhone with mapping has now been used to chart some of the most remote places on the planet for the very first time. Vexilar offers three versions of their amazing WiFi SonarPhone product. The ultra-portable T-POD weighs only 4 ounces and can transmit a signal three times farther and delivers an HD quality, full color display. It is wise not to confuse the SonarPhone T-POD with Bluetooth bobber like sonar systems flooding the market. Not only does WiFi deliver a superior signal at much longer distances, but the T-POD is designed to be pulled through moving water and still work. The SonarPhone T-POD or also called the SP100, WILL NOT work with Navionics, it requires the SP200 system, a 12 volt system. Like the SP100, the SP200 delivers an HD quality full color signal, but with more power to offer a range down to 240 feet, with both a 20 and 40 degree beam angle. The SP200 performs at speeds over 60 miles and delivers a signal quality on your smart device that will blow you away, PLUS with the SP200 you can have a split- screen Sonar/GPS on your phone or tablet. The SP300 delivers the same performance as the SP200 but with its own portable 12 volt battery supply that can run the SonarPhone for over 20 continuous hours. The rapid growth and interest in Vexilar and Navionics products world-wide is one of the great success stories for the ever growing mobile device marketplace. To learn more about the “Mobile Marine Solution” visiting the Vexilar booth at ICAST this year: #1702 – See more at:

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