• September 3, 2015 1:28 pm
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  • VMC Gliding Jig Boasts Amazing Action

    MINNETONKA, Minn. ) — Many veteran anglers may think they’ve seen it all, especially when it comes to finesse baits. With the introduction of the innovative new VMC® Gliding Jig™, it’s time for cagey old anglers to think again.

    Tie on a VMC Gliding Jig and you won’t believe your eyes — but the fish sure will. And, they’ll bite on this attention-grabbing bait when they won’t hit anything else.

    “I’ve never seen anything like the action this bait has,” says Randall Tharp, a three-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier and the 2013 FLW Forrest Wood Cup champion. “The VMC Gliding Jig doesn’t fall into any bait category I’ve heard of. It is, without a doubt, something every angler needs to try out for themselves — they need to watch it in the water to see its unique action.”

    Available in patent-pending Oklahoma and Willow styles, VMC Gliding Jigs are finesse baits productive in both deep and shallow water. The Gliding Jig Oklahoma features a slow, side-to-side fluttering action, while the Gliding Jig Willow offers a fast, side-to-side flashing action.

    Before he even tempted a bass with one, Tharp became a believer after watching the Gilding Jig’s action in his own swimming pool. “It’s very versatile. There’s tons of different ways to fish it — from a slow, steady retrieve to a really fast retrieve,” he says. “And, it looks like a little baitfish swimming through the water, upping your chances of hooking your favorite game species.”

    “I think the possibilities are limitless with this bait,” he adds. “Not only in bass fishing, but in any kind of fishing.”

    Like traditional jigs, VMC Gliding Jigs can be rigged with any number of small soft plastic trailers, including straight-tail worms, ribbon-tail worms and minnow-shaped baits. “And, the bait basically changes its action depending on what you put on it, giving anglers a huge variety of presentations to deploy,” Tharp says.

    The most effective presentation for Tharp is a vertical drop in which strikes occur on the fall. “You literally let the bait do all the work by itself,” he explains. “It swims in like a baitfish’s death spiral down to the bottom.”

    Both the Gliding Jig Oklahoma and the Gliding Jig Willow feature a 1/0 VMC Extra Wide Gap Hook, a fine-wire double hook bait keeper and come two per pack in sizes 1/8 oz. and 3/16 oz.

    Each is available in seven colors: Antique Copper, Antique Gold, Antique White, Candy Black, Candy Red, Gold and Silver. Suggested retail price: $6.99 For more information on the new VMC Gliding Jigs, visit –

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