Location of Big Largemouth for sale on EBay

July 4, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Fishing and Boating news

See the auction

Someone is auctioning off the location of a world record largemouth bass on EBay. See Link above for the auction.

This Listing Is for Confidential information Regarding The World Record Large Mouth Bass, Including the Name and Location of the lake it was seen in, as well as the Coordinates. Catching and any other needs with this fish and this information are up to you. Information will be sent via Email, immediately following your payment. This information is being kept confidential and goes only to the buyer, who must also keep this information confidential.I am also going to include the Bait choices that will help you catch this fish, as well as the local food diet of this fish. This information in itself is highly Valuable, The fish itself has been rumored to be worth millions, i do not have the rods and reels to catch this fish all i have is the information as to where the fish is located. Thank you and have a great day. ALSO The photo listed is not of the actual Fish it is for attention purposes. Thank you. Everyone has the option to send a best offer however there are others competing for this information, so do so with knowledge of this. This information is also time sensitive, I will provide coordinates to where the fish was located, however the age of the fish and surrounding locations, are factors to contend with while this listing is for 30 days, its highly recommended you do not wait that long to gain this information. Send best offers and they will all be looked over. Thank you