Marcum Recon5 Underwater Viewers

October 8, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

With the power of underwater viewing now pocketsize in
MarCum®‘s Recon 5 systems, it’s easier than ever to peek below the boat or ice to pick up clues about the presentations and cover fish prefer.
“Small in size, but big with features, the Recon 5 and Recon 5 Plus are packed with all the technology that keep MarCum electronics the angler’s first choice,” says ICE FORCE Pro James Holst.
The Recon 5 and Recon 5 Plus are lithium battery-powered underwater viewing systems complete with a powerful camera and a screen about the size of a smartphone. Each model offers six hours of continuous run-time.
The underwater cameras that come with both the Recon 5 and Recon 5 Plus feature a 1/3″ CMOS sensor, darkwater LED or infrared lighting, a 110-degree field of view and a 50-foot cord. The cameras offer three angle settings: straight down, horizontal and looking up.
Both the Recon 5 and Recon 5 Plus systems come with high-resolution color LCD monitors that feature a 5-inch wide flat-panel screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio.
Color-kill technology, available with both the Recon 5 and Recon 5 Plus, aids anglers fishing in stained water or in low light. In these conditions, switching from a color picture to black-and-white provides an amazingly crisp and clear image.
“When you’ve got dingy green water, going to black-and-white often produces better depth of field, allowing you to see more,” Holst says.
The Recon 5’s on-screen display shows battery status. The Recon 5 Plus adds depth of camera, direction of view and water temperature. Both models allow brightness, contrast and sharpness display adjustments.
Additional features of the Recon 5 are a charger cable, soft pack and camera sack and one-year warranty. The Recon 5 Plus comes with all those, as well as a built-in DVR and the ability to take a screenshot, record to an external Micro-SD Card (up to 32GB), play back video and delete footage.