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March 26, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Fishing Tips

Dan Hernandez shows how to add soft baits to bucktails.

Tips on picking the right size crankbait.

Palomar knot and Double improved clinch knot are great for flipping and pitching.

 Storm Wiggle Wart  is one of the finest lures you should be fishing during the springtime cranking bite

Rigging Versa-Rattles for catfish

3 reasons to use a leader when fishing mono or braid.  1. Braided fishing line visibility in the water, 2. Protection of the fishing line from chafing, 3. Ease of handling fish boatside

Crankbait size and running depth should be looked at as two different attributes. Sure, as the size of crankbaits increases, its typical for bill size and thus running depth to increase too, but size of the lure, or profile is a consideration onto itself. The Rapala Shad Raps a good example. A perennial favorite during the spring or anytime shad are shallow, the Shad Rap comes in sizes raining from 1.5 to 3.5 inches in length (SR04-SR09) and deeper bodies as length increases. Common sense says match the lure to the size forage, and that is certainly good practice. But there’s other considerations, such as bass activity level, position in relation to the bank or structure, and time of year. FLW Tour pro Terry Bolton shares some pointers on selecting the proper size crankbait for the conditions..

Picking the right size crankbait.

There’s no less than a hundred knots out there for anglers to choose from, but you can greatly boil the list down to a couple for your standard casting reel applications. Mark Menendez is a big proponent of having the line doubled up through the line tie of the hook or lure for the additional tensile and shock strength it provides. He walks us through his two favorite knots, the Palomar and the Double Improved Clinch. Both are easy to tie and the video clearly demonstrates how to tie each correctly.

2 tough knots for flipping, Pitching and casting

Hunting, hard wobbling, rattling, crawfish — all words that describe characteristics of this legendary crankbait. Elite Series young gun Brandon Palaniuk believes the Storm Wiggle Wart ( is one of the finest lures you should be fishing during the springtime cranking bite. He’s also a strong believer that some lures create fish-triggering vortexes, or a unique flow of water around the lure that fish can’t resist. Call it luck or engineering, the bait just plain works. Brandon shares some unique approaches to fishing the Wiggle Wart, such as slow cranking in extremely shallow water. It’s an overlooked tactic that helped him place runner-up in the 2013 Bassmaster Classic. This video is loaded with tons of underwater lure running shots that show the Wiggle Wart in action!

How and Why to Fish a Storm Wiggle Wart

2015 In released the Versa-Rattle catfish rig rattles with Whisker Seeker Tackle after significant experimenting using sound in catfish rigs. I’d had great success with Whisker Seeker’s Big Bertha Rattler and their other rigs but didn’t always want to use a float to catfish with. I wanted the versatility to integrate sound and vibration into any catfish rig so the Versa-Rattle was born.

Whisker Seeker Tackle released the Gen 2 Versa-Rattle in late 2015 and have been shipping a newer updated model of the Versa-Rattle catfish rig rattles ever since then. These updated rattles were improved from the original rattles and are even better than ever (and much tougher than the first models that were available).

Since my first video on the Versa-Rattles I’ve had a lot of questions on how to rig the Versa-Rattle on catfish rigs. The name came from the flexibility of the product and how versatile it is because it truly can be used with any catfish rig in any scenario. There are no limits to how you can use these when rigging but since I’ve had so many questions I wanted to share some of my favorites ways to rig the Versa-Rattles.

In this weeks video I walk you through my three favorite ways to rig using this product and some of the applications you can use these in including how to rig with a slip sinker rig, a santee rig and a modified rig using a ball chain swivel.

How to rig Versa Rattle Catfish rigs

Three Reasons WHY to FISH a LEADER

Maybe Tonight Fishing Charters

A question I am asked and read often in the online fishing forums is why wouldn’t you just tie the main fishing line directly to the lure or hook instead of using a leader.
In this video I explain three reasons why I prefer to fish with a leader that would typically be heavier pound test than my main fishing line. 1. Braided fishing line visibility in the water, 2. Protection of the fishing line from chafing, 3. Ease of handling fish boatside

Maybe Tonight Fishing Charters fishes the waters of Great South Bay and Fire Island Inlet on Long Island New York for striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, fluke and other local species.